Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Find a Number is Prime or not in C Language with Example

Find a Number is Prime or not in C Language with Example. 
C program to find a Number is prime or not. It is a simple source code that provides the output of an actual Prime number. Take care of a questions for your interviews or students exam. This is a totally free of cost code.

This C program is used find the given number is prime or not by using different statements like looping & unconditional statement. Check the entered value with condition of if(p_flag == 1). If it is satisfies the condition, then print a number as prime.  Otherwise it is not a prime number.

Q: Write a C program to check whether a given input value is Prime number or not.

//Header files
//Global variable
int isPrime(int);
void main()
    //Program variables
    int cr,num,p_flag=0;
    clrscr(); //Function to clear previous output
    printf("Enter the value:"); //Display function
    scanf("%d",&num); //Getting input value function
int isPrime(num)
for(cr=2;cr<num/2;cr++) //Looping statement
    if(num%cr==0//Conditional statement
    if(p_flag == 1)
        printf("Number is not prime");
        printf("Number is prime");

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